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We Empower Women to Connect with their Inner Goddess!

Studio & Coaching Lab
What is a Coach?

A coach is a motivational mentor
One who gives unconditional support
A beacon during stormy times
A wake-up call and a reality sandwich
A partner in achieving personal and business goals without hierarchy
Your mentor in personal development
Teacher in communication and life skills
A sounding board when making decisions
A resource
A coach is your partner in helping you have all of what matters most to you.
A coach is someone who knows how to ask the right questions to get you on your desired path.

Basic Elements of the Coaching Process
1. Helping the client to discover and understand who they are. 
2. Helping the client identify and clarify what they want. 
3. Helping the client to create and develop strategies to achieve their goals.
 At Goddess Womyn We partner with you to explore, design and create the life you desire. We awaken you to your inherent gifts and empower you to pursue, and achieve, heart-centered living…

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Goddess Womyn, Studio & Coaching Lab
Fees & Packages

Our Coaching Sessions Focus on:
1. Determining and designing your personal goals.
2. Identifying the blocks that are preventing you from moving forward
3. Strategizing and creating action plans that are aligned with what’s most important to    you.
4. Our Coaching sessions are done by telephone, video calls or in person, with special arrangements.

***INTRODUCTORY SALE PRICE  $30 for 30 minutes Introductory Coaching.
30 Minute Coaching $40
50 Minute Coaching $60
Prepay for Four, 30 Minute Coaching sessions for $150 and receive One of our Publications.

***We are so dedicated and eager to help that we will offer a sliding scale for initial Coaching session for those with special need. Let’s talk!

Online Classes will be starting this Summer 2019! Connect with us on our Facebook Page, Twitter and Instagram to be alerted as soon as information becomes available.

 At Goddess Womyn Our Mission is to support and partner with you to unearth your strength, your powers of manifestation and your inner Goddess.
We want to awaken you to your inherent gifts and inspire you to transform your life.