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Meet your Certified Life Coach,​
Brooke Melusine Mihaltses, CLC, MM, BM

Published Author, B. Melusine Mihaltses, is a  Goddess Priestess, Artist, Writer, Certified Life Coach and a Classically trained Singer; holding both a Bachelor and a Master of Music in Vocal Pedagogy. From an early age she expressed and exemplified a passionate creative, artistic soul and her spirituality has always been steeped and deeply intertwined in her numerous creative expressions. She is a Priestess of the Sacred Feminine, dedicated to the intense study of various Goddesses from different pantheons and her commitment to understanding their positive influence on “Wombmyn” is evident in her work.

           As founder and Priestess of “Grove Of The Feminine Divine,” an all-women’s Goddess group in Texas, she has been an active promoter of women’s empowerment and an advocate for women reclaiming their power and returning to their spirituality and Goddess lineage.  Monthly, she would organize beautiful gatherings in her home temple, for years, to encourage sisterhood; commemorate the changing seasons and honor various, notable deities significant in every woman’s journey. These celebratory gatherings, held for Grove of the Feminine Divine, were a testament to her love and devotion to her gender’s empowerment and the immortal Sacred Feminine. She shares her vast research on Goddess mythologies, her creative expressions and her unique journey as a Priestess in her numerous published books. “Gathering for Goddess, a Complete Manual for Priestessing Women’s Circles,”  "Goddess Grimoire Journal, a Collection of Simple Prose and Spells,” “Living Goddess Spirituality, a Feminine Divine Priestessing Handbook,” and "The SpellCrafting Coach," are available on Amazon, her Etsy page and you can also learn more about her books at Femininedivineworks.com.

        In May 2018 she released her much anticipated, seventh book titled, "Goddess Coaching Companion, a Woman's Guide to Magick, Protection and Empowerment."  ​She is also a creator of Tarot and Oracle decks. Her unique intuit, Goddess inspired art is featured in the “Major Arcana Goddess Living Tarot” deck along with its accompanied colored guidebook. The  “Feminine Divine Works Intuitive Oracle,”  features more of her Goddess inspired artworks in this beautiful 70x card Oracle deck and guidebook. All of her creations are available on Amazon, her FeminineDivineWorks Etsy page and her corresponding website. In 2019, she will be publishing a collection of her various unique Goddess artworks, curated in a special book titled, "Goddess Inspired, Artistic Offerings to the Sacred Feminine."  

        As a Goddess Gathering Women’s group Facilitator, she incorporates her training as a Certified Life Coach to work with women. Her mission in life is to fully support and empower women to reshape their lives and reclaim their inherent gifts through a more Feminine exalting tradition found in Goddess Spirituality. A native New Yorker, she is mother of three, handfasted and married for nearly twenty years and now making her home in the south of Texas.   

Currently she is working on more artistic creations, coaching clients, a recording of original Pagan Goddess chants and more Goddess inspired publications. Along with her books, you can find her unique Goddess Offerings at,  Http://www.femininedivineworks.com.

Brooke Melusine Mihaltses,


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