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We Empower Women to Connect with their Inner Goddess!

Studio & Coaching Lab

The Sacred Feminine is evident in every ancient culture throughout history, at "Goddess Womyn" we co-create with you to tap into this valuable resource; to gain knowledge, deep wisdom, support, guidance, inspiration, and then weave all of these sacred gifts to unearth our inner Goddess.

Our ultimate mission is to inspire and awaken our beautiful clients to their  own inherent gifts and celebrate their unique  journey .
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Meet your
Certified Life Coach,​
Brooke Melusine Mihaltses, CLC, MM, BM

Studio & Coaching Lab
Our Mission is to support and partner with you to unearth your strength, your powers of manifestation and your inner Goddess. We want to awaken you to your inherent gifts and inspire you to transform your life. …Ready to co-create with Goddess Womyn? 
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"There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you..." Maya Angelou
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What is Life Coaching?
Coaching is quickly becoming one of the leading tools that successful people use to live extraordinary lives.  Through weekly coaching sessions, clients can identify what is most important to them and align their thoughts, energy, words and actions accordingly.  Goddess Womyn Coaches work with clients to identify what they want to achieve personally, spiritually and professionally.  They also lend support to clients that are endeavoring to create a life that aligns best with their unique personal vision.  Loving the process of our life journey and enjoying our success really starts with deep reflection of our values, exploration of our strengths & gifts, and gaining clarity with the help of a dedicated Coach.  Our coaching sessions aims to be more action-oriented and helps clients with accountability, and manageable strategic steps towards the achievement of goals.
Through this process, we are here to be of service, enabling clients to determine their own answers through the work done in partnership. 
Coaching helps you focus primarily on the present and the future; unlike some forms of therapy which often focuses on the past and viewing life as a problem that needs fixing. We don’t view issues that come up in your life as problems that need to be solved but rather as circumstances and opportunities that allow us to engage our powers of manifestation.  Coaching offers a means for more balance, joy, intimacy, energy, financial abundance, focus and action in every area of life. 
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    Please Connect with us on our Newly Launched YouTube Channel to learn more about our latest offerings at, "Goddess Womyn," previously known as GoddessEmpowerment LifeCoaching.
  2. Coaching Services
    Goddess Womyn offers Coaching services via Telephone, video Chat or in person appointments. Choose from our 30minutes or 50minute Coaching sessions.
  3. Publications
    In conjunction with our Sister company, FeminineDivineWorks.com, we offer a number of invaluable publications and tools for our clients at GoddessWomyn.com